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KOIN (PDX) On Location with zenhouse filmsĀ  –

Brad Burke – Director – Davey Porter Producer – C.S. Creenwood Cinematography

DP note; “We used the 4k BMPC w/ a global shutter so we could whip pan, track, and be in the mosh pit with the Zombies in a fluid way. Zeiss 35mm & 50mm on the rig for most all of the battle scene. These shots cut with the drone and 3d gimbal shots will make a potentially epic scene combination. Very fun with over 100 people in the scene at once.”

Chuck 'Chill' Greenwood on set w/ MFT BMCC & Zeiss 50mm t1.7/Genus Tech

on location in Mitchell, OR for BESETMENT


Zenhouse films is continually seeking more ways to create unique shots, to tell stories with photons and electrons.

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