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New Director Cut teaser for BESETMENT from Barbed Wire!

“Just a rough cut but incredible to see the rapid progress from the post team. Great work Brad Douglas, Barbed Wire and Lance Copeland, Tarus Media!”
– Chuck Greenwood DP BESETMENT

Another fine Barbed Wire Film, THE SETTLING we had the incredible pleasure working on in Lighting and Sound Departments.

* note; this short and beautiful film is in the final phases of post- check back soon for the on-line cut- thanks.


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Telling stories with photons and electrons

Zenhouse films is continually seeking more ways to create unique shots, to tell stories with photons and electrons.

What’s your vision?

We have a menu of services and capabilities.

* Most essentially we just want to work on compelling stories from 30 seconds to feature length. The approach is much the same.

* Turn key crew to shoot an independent feature. OK

* Grip, Sound, Aerial, 2nd Unit, 3rd Unit, BTS/EPK – Special Operations? OK

* Full Blackmagic camera compliment; 4k BMPC, 2.5k Cinema BMCC, Zeiss Switar Primes, BMPCC’s? OK

* Gear, rigging, DIT, rentals, glass, one-stop, plug and play? OK

We are Visual Storytellers.