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Ok where do we start, we’ve been so busy for the last few years!


Updates real quick:

  • BESETMENT has distribution, releases June 6 on VOD and has been winning a ton of awards and excellent reviews.
  • Many projects for BBC, Al Jazeera (AJ+), WEATHER CHANNEL, Ruptly, NBC, quite a few others actually but the big news there is we have a 5 star rating and the use of cinema gear to create high end broadcast journalism works very well.
  • BARBED WIRE FILMS – BRAD DOUGLAS – MARK BAIRD – TORUS – we have been traveling all over the USA in the past year creating no-limit creativity short form commercial spots with much success. Very fun.
  • YAY BIG – AMEX – PHILLY/NYC/ ON SITE DIT WITH REAL TIME VFX COMPOSITING – fun project where we took the tower and delivered real time vfx compositing for match frame shots between cities.

Besetment (2017) – updated with clip and Horrorpedia review

EFM 2017: Uncork’d Entertainment Silences the Besetment

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Life in a small town in Oregon is about to get a bit strange. Particularly for Valeri Fox (Lindy Larkspur). Working as a private investigator Valeri has known about the evils in humanity, and has spent a great deal of her young life working to locate and bring fugitives to justice assisting with many of the small towns “Complicated Cases.” As we all know humanity can be a very confusing and ugly thing. But evil, well as it is known to many of us, is not the evil we should be worried about..

After dealing with the mysterious death of her long time mentor and adopted father Valeri is thrust into the world of “Weird” after meeting Damian West (Levi Castle), a member of what is known to those on this side as, “The Agency.” Learning more about the things unseen, the things that do go bump in the night. The things that some have been considered insane for warning us about. A real evil, one literally born out of hell. Valeri learns of her father’s killer and now must navigate this newly discovered world before even wrapping her mind around it. Time for acclimation has passed..

Valeri is the one that the Agency has been waiting on, the one that holds the key to winning the battle ahead, and ultimately protecting man-kind and humanity as we know it.




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‘Rough Cut’ Trailer for ZOMPOCALYPSE

A little teaser trailer from the post-production crew. Looks like an adventure!

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New Director Cut teaser for BESETMENT from Barbed Wire!

“Just a rough cut but incredible to see the rapid progress from the post team. Great work Brad Douglas, Barbed Wire and Lance Copeland, Tarus Media!”
– Chuck Greenwood DP BESETMENT

Another fine Barbed Wire Film, THE SETTLING we had the incredible pleasure working on in Lighting and Sound Departments.

* note; this short and beautiful film is in the final phases of post- check back soon for the on-line cut- thanks.