* Lindsae Klein in BESETMENT – BMCC RAW f2.8 800 2.5k

Zenhouse films is a network of artists, producers, directors, writers, cinematographers and story tellers.

Charles Greenwood Cinematographer / DP – 2015 "proxy reel" from Zen House Films on Vimeo.

Numerous key industry people are available under the singular concept of creating the new work.

Films, commercials, biographical content.

Work on the art side of the concept, work for cinematography that is unique.

An aesthetic movement in that we are working on creating an industry of new cinema based out of Central Oregon and experimenting in the edges of film language. All while having fun and simply going for it. Our next film LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS will be very much an experimental voyage into a world not dissimilar than yours.

Efficient independent cinema and commercial production.

Camera, grip, sound, DIT, color correction/timing, editing, delivery. All departments.

“You guys were always the rock on set! 100% focused and professional, I really enjoyed working with you!” – April Keefner

” Chuck Greenwood is an animal! My go to guy. ” – Brad Douglas Barbed Wire Films

” You always have birth on my vessel ” – Captain Davey Porter – Davey Porter Pictures

We just love to crew up and help make great images with light and big sound with waves.

The core crew consists of:

Chuck Greenwood  – A cinematographer / DP exploring the edges.


Ned Sickels – Master DP, 40+ years motion picture film history, Emmy® with Bill Nye, always learning always progressing.1794800_10152055798813096_1764727131_n

Sam Cory Greenwood – Sound engineer, field mixer, professional musician, producer. Always listening.

sam cory


Sandra Doolittle – Producer  A native Oregonian who is an Actor, Producer, and Technical Adviser to the film industry.  She is a gutsy kitten.

Sandra Doolittle



On Location with zenhouse:

DP note; “We used the 4k BMPC for the global shutter so we could whip pan, track, and dance with the Zombies in a fluid way. We used Zeiss 35mm & 50mm on the rig for most all of the battle scene. These shots cut with the chopper and 3d gimbal shots will make a potentially epic battle scene combination.

Brad Burke – Director – Davey Porter Producer

Chuck 'Chill' Greenwood on set w/ MFT BMCC & Zeiss 50mm t1.7/Genus Tech